Tourist vineyard farm Lovrec is located in Jiršovci. Thatched house, which in 2009 gained recognition from Slovenian newspaper Kmečki glas for the preservation of cultural heritage in the countryside is surrounded by vineyards and offers wonderful views of the surrounding countryside and neighboring Austria, Hungary and Croatia.

The hostess serves traditional culinary delicacies, which are typical for our area. You’ll be impressed by her sour soup from Štajrska region, apple strudel, cold cuts of meat jelly “tünka“… Guests can enjoy their taste buds with excellent wines, as the farm has 45,000 grape vines that are cultivated with great care and respect, producing 15 different varieties of wine (9 white and 6 red). You can also enjoy tasting the homemade liqueurs and enjoy a glass or two of homemade brandy. We also offer staying accommodations. We have available one single, three double and two triple rooms. Where you can choose between bed and breakfast, half board and full board.

Children will be delighted when playing with cat and dog Reks, parents can join an excursion with old “lojtrski” cart. If you want to see the surrounding villages we also organize guided tours around the area. Therefore we can take you on a view tour of Destrnik, a tour of the vinedresser’s cottage and General Maister’s memorial room and the Church of St. Urbana in our presence you may also climb at Maister’s tower.