Slovenia is a small country which is located in central Europe touching the Alps and bordering the Mediterranean. It is known for its mountains, outdoor recreations, historic cities and ski resorts. Its neighboring countries are Italy, Australia, Hungary and Croatia.

Its currency is Euro. Ljubljana is the capital and the largest city of Slovenia. Ljubljana has many museums, including the National Museum of Slovenia. The weather in Slovenia varies from season to season. Three climatic influences that meet in the country are i) A harsh Alpine climate prevails in the mountains ii) mountains have a sub- Mediterranean climate and iii) northeast lowlands have a continental climate. The average temperature is above 20°C in July and around 0°Cin January. There are many reasons to visit Slovenia, one of them is its engrossing and fascinating views and picturesque landscape. Another is the budget- friendly price which is low compared to European standards. Slovenia is a place where you can find everything like mountains, caves, lake, wild rivers, castles, villages and even a piece of sea. Most people have not discovered the beauty of this hidden gem, and that’s you should visit now.

  • Postojna cave

  1. Ljubljana

There are many adorable places like Ljubljana’s Castle, which is accessible by funicular, but scenic walk, whose clock tower boasts incredible views of the city’s Old Town with its Baroque architecture. It is said that Greek hero Jason and his Argonaut comrades killed a monster in a swamp on the present site of Ljubljana.

  1. Bled

Lake Bled is a lake in the Julian Alps of the upper Carniola region of northwestern Slovenia. The lake is 55 km from Ljubljana. The Bled Lake came into existence when the Bohinj Glacier moved away. After the last Ice Age, the Bohinj Glacier deepened its natural tectonic hollow and gave it its present form. The temperature of the lake reaches up to 25°C in the summer and gets ice covered in winter. 

  1. Triglav National Park

This is the only park in Slovenia. It is amazingly beautiful and so demands special treatment. This park covers 838 km2 by the border with Italy and Australia. This area ranks among the oldest parks in Europe. The mountains in the Triglav National park are laced with well marked and properly secured trails. Hiking is a mass activity in the summer months. Along the way there are many mountain lodges and huts. It is especially nice to visit parks in summer when other parts of the country sweltering at 300C.

  1. Postojna cave

The most beautiful parts of the cave were discovered in 1818 and soon after the cave was opened for tourists where they enjoyed a train running on electric power. These days the cave is fearranged for tourist visits. Through narrow tunnels the train will take you to a big hall in about 10 minutes. The cave itself is rather peaceful, and completely dark without lights. Despite that around 100 animal species live in the cave.

  1. Logar valley

Logar valley is staggeringly beautiful. Its entrance itself will captivate you when you drive past meadows and the mighty Logar linden tree on a winding fairy tale road. Logar valley is an excellent starting point for hiking trips. Here hospitality of locals, accommodation and catering quality are awesome. Some of the logar valley major sights are Rinka waterfall, Palenk waterfall.

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